BLKsense: Who We Are and Our Plans for the Self Care Community

January 16, 2023

Our vision to unify the self care community by offering a place

BLKsense launched originally as a brand that offered African black soap products and bath accessories. We wanted to deliver a premium product at an affordable price. We also wanted to uplift and promote other brands after seeing the difficulties new vendors face. Today, that is our primary focus and what started us to our current goals.               

We are dedicated to helping vendors in our community grow their brand and connecting enthusiasts with products and services to enhance their self care routines. We do this by delivering a wide array of content and services to make discovering brands easier.          


The BLKsense community aims to be the central hub for self care brands and enthusiasts to meet, grow, and share ideas on what creates the best experience for healthy living. Everyone has different self care needs and we want to make sure those needs are met.